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-To quote my fellow Adventurers, "Two Fisted Pulp Action in every High Octane Issue!

Join the Mysterious "Gray Ghost" as he battles the New York Underworld with Blazing 45's and a strong dose of the Fear of the unknown!

Travel the globe with the Granite Fisted "Prof. Stone" as he takes on weird menaces that threaten the world!

Sign up with the Lightning Legion and thrill to the adventures of Tom Floyds' "Captain Spectre" comic strip!


-The site of all sites that is the greatest source for classic hard-boiled and pulp-related characters. Kevin Burton Smith created a great resource-

-COSMO'S PULP HEROES CAFE- "where all dreams are possible and where Heroes that were, always will be." To qoute a very informative web site about the pulp heros of the heyday-

-Adventure Stories- Authors represented include: Edward S. Aarons, James Axler, Jack Finney, Bill Granger, Michael Hartmann, Don Pendleton, Joseph Rosenberg, Dick Stivers, and Ed Wood- Masters of the adventure pulp. The site for info on them and their fiction-

-CrimeCulture is a great place to locate information for pulp fiction and modern crime writers-

-Christopher mills is one of the artists keeping the pulse of pulp fiction alive with his artwork, his writing, & editor on web comics and many other exciting work. His site is a must to view-

-Adventure house is a place for Pulp replications & reprints-

-An Online guide to pulp authors and information not found any place else-

-Vintage library has it all. from pulp books of every genre, to ebooks downloadable and easy to read in PDF format. A great site to get your pulp, hardboiled, science fiction, adventure, and any genre of pulp that that time created-

-HardCase Crime is the leader in pulp fiction, both publishing reprints of the great crime writers, to modern day masters of the story genre. Charles Ardai is a publisher to watch-

-Ebay is a great place to find great deals on Pulp magazines and novels-

-Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction by William Marling is a well written history of the hard-boiled detective from the early days of Sherlock Holmes to the advent of the american detective Race Williams and the black mask brotherhood of detective writers-

-The Time Machines: The Story of the Science-Fiction Pulp Magazines from the beginning to 1950. The History of the Science-Fiction Magazine Volume I. An indepth look at the pulp science fiction. Fun, fantasy and flying off into adventure!!!!!!-

-"The 1930s and '40s were a time of heroes" -to quote the stirring phrase given to us by Chris Kalb and his Hero Pulp site. Dedicated to best know adventure heros from Doc Savage, Operator 5, and the mysterious avenger named The Shadow-

-The Shadow in reiview is a website dedicated to the legend and fiction of walter gibson's Mysterious fighter of crime-

-The Pulp Hero's List is a site listing the heros active in the pulp fiction of the 30's & 40's. A comprehensive list of some of your favorite and little known adventurers-

-The 86th floor focus' on the exploits of that famous Man Of Bronze, Doc Savage!-

-Books From The Crypt has been A Virtual Store since 1997 & Deals in Used, Rare and Collectible, Books, & Pulps -Specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror from the era 1923 thru1956-

-Galactic Central is a place where the names, dates, and years of the best in pulp newsstand magazines were published-

-Norman Sanders was a painter and artist of the pulp era that had produce over 2500 covers and illustrations for pulp magazines of all genres. The site is a compliation of his estate, his history, & his work up till 1986-

-The FictionMags Index has hundreds of author listings and publishing info for the avid Pulp enthusiast hunting down that one story or that one author. "Particular emphases are on the “Gaslight” magazines of circa 1880-1914, the pulp magazines of the first half of the 20th century, the “Big Slick” magazines of the mid-20th century, the digest-sized magazines of the 1950s and 1960s". This is the site-

-Pulp Fiction at the Library of Congress consists of Lists of Pulp Fiction Titles Transferred to Microform, located in the Reading Room. The Pulp Fiction collection at the Library of Congress consists of issues received on copyright deposit at the time of their publication-

-Interested in radio programs from "radio's golden age"? Then these are the pages for you. for fans of nostalgic / old-time radio shows-

-OTR (Old Time Radio) Pushes the boundary between the past and the presnt by offering podcasts, rss casts, mp3 and news announcements from the era that brought most of us to the pulp-

-the OTRCAT (pronounced 'oh-tee-R cat' - from Old Time Radio Catalog) website started in 1999.

For listeners who want to order the shows, the CDs are offered at the reasonable prices There are also new episodes to listen to every day of the week-

SpecFicWorld  the online resource guide for speculative fiction fans and writers-A great resource for all things in the world of speculative fiction. From Dark fiction, to fantasy, SpecFicWorld is the the for you.

-OTRNOW offers webcasts of radio's finest prgramming from the heyday of radio shows with livecasts and mp3 discs for purchase.

OTRNow, combining yesterday's entertainment, with today's technology to preserve quality of a golden age-

-Ralan's WEBSTRAVAGANZA-Want to know what's up on the publishing scene? Want to target your submissions better?


-Radio Mystery Theater: Hear, enjoy, and discuss all 1,399 CBS Radio Mystery Theater oldtime radio shows with episode guide for free on MP3.


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