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The Missing Leslie Masonite

Part 2-

A bookworm looking guy rumbled into our offices, startling Chimp, and showing me a photo of a hot little dish, calling her his wife. I looked the photo over. He was in it, doesn't mean she's his wife, but he was in it, holding her around the waist with a very large smile and she was fitted with a very large rock. She was bee’s knees I tell ya. Thick auburn hair, draped over her shoulders, with curves in the places most of us wanted to take home after a hard day at the mill. Her skin was smooth to look at, and she had dimples covered with freckles. Friendly eyes met mine. I looked up at him as he was finishing wiping the dust off his gray suit coat. He caught my look. "Yes, yes. That is my wife to answer that shocked look on your face. We all can't look like Cary Grant Mr. Malone. A man like yourself might see your fair share of attractive women, but there are females out there that think a man with a sharp mind is just as appealing. That's a recent photo by the way if that curves your curiosity. We were at a mixer with friends."
Right. "My apologizes Mr. Masonite. I meant no disrespect you understand." I heard the trash can scrape the floor, which meant Chimp was coming over. He appeared at my side, arching his back, standing on his hind legs.
I looked down at him. He signed. I passed him the photo, taking it into his paw. He placed the edge in-between his front teeth, walking back over to the desk. He placed the photo on the blotter, looking the picture over carefully. Chimp had sharp eyes, seein' things other than what was there. I turned my attention back to Mr. Masonite.
I pointed an open hand towards the divan, and he sat, not hiding his nerves, while I leaned against the corner of the secretary's desk where Chimp was, folding my arms. "So, why have you come to a detective agency instead of the cops? Missing persons is in their realm then a P.I.'s".
"Well, well, because the police don't go after missing persons if there's no proof of some kind of accident or indication of danger to the general public, a medical problem which I assure you there is none. Leslie is the picture of perfect health, or unusual circumstances and the last being foul play. So I couldn't speak to them of any such thing because I had no proof of any." Chimp made little noises, still looking over the image.
"How long has Mrs. Masonite been missing?"
"Oh, I dare say it's been almost two days."
"Why'd you so long to come and hire someone to find her?"
A perplexed look streaked across his face. "I-I'm not used to dealing with such, things as police or crime of any kind. I only knew about the missing persons thing when I called the police station and was so informed by the desk Sergeant. My next course was to hire a P.I."
"How'd you find out about us?"
"Sergeant McGafferty, he was the one pointed me toward you. He said a guy with a Chimp would have more time to go skirt chasing then the police." Figures, the dirty badge flasher. Collin McGafferty was bad attitude in blues with blonde hair and enough girth to make Zero Mostel look like Stan Laurel. He hated that he got outsmarted by Chimp on the second case we worked.
"Fine. I'll have to consult with my partner first before we go any further."
That same perplexed look came back. "Y-you're joking, right? When I heard about the chimpanzee angle I-I figured it was some sort of gimmick to drum up business. I figured that," I held my hand up, "Careful now, if you've forgotten before, he can understand you & no I did not train him to attack like some kinda pooch. He's my partner. Deal with it."
I looked back down & Chimp was back at my side, handing me the photo. He signed, 'Something's not right about this, Buddy. I want to work this case, Get his information and her particulars. I have a feeling about this. A bad feeling.......


-to be continued-



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